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2020 New Simple Large Capacity All-Match Nylon Shoulder Bag


Different bags have different attitudes. Lightweight , multi-pocket design, suitable for daily travel and long distance travel. Work, travel, leisure, light and practical. We carefully do every artwork we carry in our hands. Bags are a beautiful front for women, carry quality bags, don’t let beauty drop the price.

Large capacity & convenient travel
Large-capacity design, you can put daily travel items, laptops, magazines, iPad, umbrellas, mobile phones and other daily necessities.

Detail design
Wear-resistant fabric design, the fabric is comfortable and wear-resistant, strong and durable. Smooth zipper design, the zipper is smooth, and the zipper is smooth and not stuck. Car line reinforcement design, car line reinforcement, strong and durable, not easy to damage. Comfortable portable design, so that your hands do not feel tired.

Taste the work of heart
The bag is soft, comfortable and durable. Retro and elegant, it is a fashionable and functional bag. Comfortable hand-held, reinforced car line, smooth zipper.

Soft and delicate
It is flexible enough and it does not matter how long it lasts. The material without bleaching and dyeing retains its natural and simple appearance. The fabric texture is precise and thick, strong and durable, and has good air permeability.Lightweight design makes you comfortable and breathable, so you don't have to wear your shoulders for a long time.

We have many colors for you to choose.
There are many colors to choose, and different patterned all the colors for you are easy to match your garments and they are suit for all seasons.

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