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New Fashion Backpack Waterproof And Anti-Theft Multifunctional Bag


A backpack specially designed for modern urban women, it is lightweight and can be worn, simple and trendy.


I know all your needs, Big back anti-theft pocket!
Urban life, buses, subways, crowded and cluttered, anti-theft is very important.


Classification and summary, peace of mind and neat
The bag is designed with multiple compartments, which is practical and convenient to place items separately. It is light and comfortable to use and travels at ease. Inside the bag, these zipper pockets and compartment belts are special for casual commuting.

Practical front pocket*2: You can put paper towels and other items for easy sorting and placement. Capacity main pocket: large internal multi-pocket. Portable side pocket: can hold folding umbrellas, water cups and other items.


Water repellent test
The bag is made of high-quality nylon cloth with a waterproof coating on the surface to prevent short-term light rain and effectively protect the contents of the bag.



Detailed analysis, ingenious quality
Scratch-resistant and wear-resistant nylon fabric
Special customized nylon cloth fabric, delicate, soft, light texture and not tired, it is a good choice for your travel. Brand zipper, smooth and non-stuck, comfortable and strong, high gloss. The shoulder strap can be adjusted at any time according to the usage, suitable for most heights. Triangular reinforcement, strong and durable.


Leisure trend multi-purpose backpack
You need to be stylish at work, and at leisure after get off work. One bag can solve your multiple occasions. Simple style, just suitable for the clothes in your closet, casual and practical, suitable for commuting and shopping.


Choose what you like
Which color do you call? Choose what you like and create your own fashion style!



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