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🔥🔥New Waterproof Anti-Theft Backpack Multi-Back Casual Women's Bag


Marfuny offers a wide range of elegant, practical, and robust pocket in a range of different colours, styles and sizes. Our collection includes leather details and various textile choices, offering contemporary design with a classic twist.

Anti-theft design, main back pocket
The main bag adopts a unique way of opening the bag on the back, breaking the traditional way, with a high safety factor, and is a good companion for your peace of mind.

Large-capacity internal design
Magazines, iPads, mobile phones, folding fans, wallets, daily necessities, etc. can be accommodated at the same time.

This is a lightweight bag with almost negligible weight, allowing you to carry it without pressure.

Water repellent test. Strictly control the fabric mark for you.
The bag is made of high-quality cloth with a waterproof coating on the surface to prevent short-term light rain and effectively protect the contents of the bag.

Beautifully packaged small pendant decoration
Fresh and artistic pendant design decoration, exquisite travel, interesting inspiration.

Your focus is our starting point.
Soft and small hand-held, comfortable hand-held, strong bearing capacity. The shoulder strap shrink buckle, you can easily adjust the length of the shoulder strap to suit your needs.

Detachable shoulder strap buckle design, easy to disassemble, durable, strong bearing capacity. The shoulder strap of the bag is detachable, so you can change the way of backpacking at any time. Hardware buckle, inverted triangle mechanics, reduce load bearing, light and comfortable carrying.

Textured hardware slider, smooth opening and closing, not easy to freeze. The front zipper bag can hold paper towels, keys and other items for easy access. The stitching is neat and feels good.

Strictly control the fabric mark for you. Your focus is our starting point.
The bag is made of durable Oxford fabric.

Multiple options
A backpack that is convenient to carry in a variety of ways, with more choices when going out on the street, and dress up as you like!

Many colors are available
Make life more colorful and splendid in fashion trends.

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