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Oxford Cloth Foldable Large-Capacity Storage Bag

Oxford Cloth Foldable Large-Capacity Storage Bag

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This is a reusable grocery bags that is machine washable, which is practical and environmentally friendly. There is already too much plastic waste on the earth, let us protect the earth and reduce the use of plastic bags.

It is thicker compared to ordinary plastic bags and reusable shopping bags.The fine sewing technology makes it won't deform or lose threads even it has been used many times. Its quality is very good, not the cheap style in the market, so you can give it as a gift to your friends and encourage them to protect the earth with you.

This is a multifunctional grocery bags, whether it is for supermarket shopping, vegetable market shopping, shopping mall shopping or home storage, this shopping bag is applicable. It is very practical and is an essential item in life.
Large Capacity

Easy to fold: light and easy to fold. Large capacity is suitable for daily shopping, travel, laundry, storage, etc.

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